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Monday, September 6, 2010

Free Book Review on the Book "Study Abroad Funding for International Students

Book: Study Abroad Funding for International Students
Author: Baruch Silas
Publisher: Lulu Enterprises; I-Proclaim Press
Reviewer: Innocent Chikezie (Nottingham Trent University, UK)

Baruch’s book, Study Abroad Funding for International Students is about how and where to secure finding for graduate studies outside ones country of origin.
The writer discovered that millions of prospective international students miss the opportunity to study overseas because of lack of sponsorship.

One fully agrees that the quality of education in the developed nations is considerably higher than what is obtained in the developing nations where the greater percentage of international students comes from.

Also, the higher fees paid by international students compound the more this challenge. One therefore needs as much funding as he could get.
Baruch introduces in Why You Need a Degree Overseas the 10 indisputable reasons why one must strive to acquire a degree overseas.
He elaborated on the privileges and benefits of studying at world-renowned universities.

The writer went ahead to introduce and classify the funding opportunities into continents, countries, regions and cities within the seven continents of the world.
When people do not know where and how to get the best out of life, they miss out absolutely.
For one to secure funding to study in another country, he must know where such opportunities are.
Baruch therefore presented over 100 sponsorship opportunities of varying duration and value indifferent disciplines and countries, available to international students from any part of the world.
He categorized them into undergraduate and postgraduate and according to discipline. He presented detailed information about each opportunity with reference to the award description, process application, deadline, type of discipline tenable, eligibility and contact details with email, web address, telephone, fax and physical address.

The writer went ahead to classify the finding opportunities according to the value of each award into full and partial funding. The full funding opportunity caters for all the payments required from the student throughout the duration of study including tuition, accommodation and living expenses.
The partial funding caters for a part of the student’s fees which may be tuition or accommodation or living expenses or part of tuition.

While Baruch has presented various sources of funding for international students, it is the responsibility of the student to go for them and actualize his academic dreams.

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