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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Best way to kill Your Goals

If one person tells you that you are a horse, he is mad. If three people tell you you’re a horse, there is a conspiracy going on, but when ten people tell you you’re a horse, it is time to buy a saddle.” Jack Rosenblum

Lack of commitment to your Goals

This challenge goes hand in hand with prioritizing because if you are not truly committed to your goal, you simply won’t make it a priority in your life.When you first set a goal, it becomes a personal decision and pledge to take an action or series of actions with certain resources within a frame of time for an expected outcome. That means pledging to the fact that you will follow through. But how often do you really mean this when you set goals?

What many of us do instead is attach little addendums to our pledge, like staying committed until we lose interest or obstacles threaten our confidence. That is why being crystal clear about what you really want is so important. You are much more likely to go the distance for something you want badly rather than a vague desire.
In addition, no matter your objective, you will need to make a firm commitment to achieving it no matter what happens. That is what commitment is; a pledge of constancy and loyalty.

So how do you get committed, and stay committed to a goal? The number one way is to make your goal so vitally important that quitting is simply not an option. Imagine what it would be like to have a goal that you simply couldn’t give up on; a goal that you would work toward for years on end if you had to.
Are your goals that important? If not, you have got two choices:

1. Make them look all Important

Take some time to think about the negative consequences of abandoning your goal. What would the likely outcome be? Would it be poor health, poverty, reduced lifespan, professional stagnation, depression and feeling of dissatisfaction? Are you willing to accept those outcomes? You have got to convince yourself that it’s “do or die” when it comes to your goals. You will either succeed, or die trying.

If I may use the slogan of my good friend, William, “it is either you succeed or you succeed.” To this young man, there is just no option for loosing but a condition to win by achieving your goals. This is the type of mindset you need towards actualizing your aspirations.

2. Choose a Better Goal

If you just can’t summon the level of commitment needed to achieve your goal, it’s probably not as important as you’d like it to be. Take some time to think about what you really want, and set a goal that will be vitally important; important enough to inspire a rock-solid level of commitment in you.

Impractical Expectations

This is another weapon you could use to kill your goals. Many people lost their dreams because of the hope for unreasonable, impracticable and idealistic outcomes. They set unrealistic expectations and are frustrated when they fail to achieve such them.

When you set unrealistic expectations, you find yourself struggling almost from the beginning, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated when you don’t seem to be progressing as quickly as you planned. Rather than acknowledging that you may have set your sights too high, you may be tempted to give up altogether. You may mistakenly blame other factors as the cause of your failure or retarded progress. This was my friend’s experience when he first attempted to develop a business online. He thought he would make millions in a flash. His expectations were too high and he expected that to happen within the shortest possible time which never happened and he had to abandon the business till date.

You can’t expect to make a giant leap from clerk of a company to a Managing Director in a matter of weeks or go from 100m sprint to a marathon hero without first undertaking months of training, trials, disappointments and corrections.
Be practical and reasonable on what outcome you expect from your goals and you will achieve them.
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