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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to Discover Your Self

“Resolve to be thyself and know that he who finds himself loses his misery” Matthew Arnold

You will discover that the greatest challenge of most people is about how to discover who and what they are. They find it difficult to discern the potentials and talents. They assume it is one hard thing to do, an engineering mathematics to solve or a life puzzle with the dragon head.

Discover the You in You by the Activities You Enjoy

One approach to find your self is to sincerely consider the things you enjoy doing and don’t easily get bored doing them. One way to actually know this is to write down those activities. The things you could do all day long, and never get bored. These should not be frivolous activities like gambling and watching telly but things that would make an impact on your life and become life supporting.

What is it that you are crazy about? What is it that you don’t get tired doing? What is your preference and soft spot? What is that activity or career which excites you most? If you can give sincere answers to these simple but tactical questions of success, then you are on your way to a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Zig Ziglar tells a funny but real life story about this. It is about a young man called Bill who was watching a ball game on a Sunday when his wife reminded him that the garage needed painting. Bill complained to his wife, "I know it, honey, but I'm just so tired. This was one really stressful week, and the boss is on my butt, and my back hurts. I can't even move myself up off this couch, I'm so worn down!”
Suddenly, the phone rang. He picked it up and it's his golfing playmate, Jim. Jim said “Bill, I got us a two o'clock tee time. Can you make it?”
Bill jumps off the couch like it bit him, says, "Can I? Just let me grab my clubs! I will be there before you can walk to the first tee," and bolts out of the house like a 20 year-old Olympic sprinter. But that’s Bill who grumbled that he can’t get out of the couch because of tiredness and back ache. Have ever felt this way about an activity?

What is it that gets you up off the couch when you are stressed out and tired, and gives you the energy you need to get right to it? Those are the things you must write down.

Ask Friends, Mentors, Coaches and Family Members

I grew up in a family where my Mom taught me that self- sufficiency is a virtue. We were not allowed to ask for favours from people and borrow anything from others. My parents ensured they provided all the tools we needed to do our domestic chores. This training made it very uncomfortable for me to seek favours from others. I would consider it a disturbance while thinking how awkward it would be to the person involved.

Perhaps, you may have this problem. It is surmountable. It can be corrected if you are determined. I am so grateful to a coach, Peter, who helped me recover from this impediment using the principle he calls “the power of asking.” Even when he didn’t know the reason behind my reluctance to ask for favours, his persistence made a sustainable impact in my life.

The person who is keen at discovering himself and his purpose of creation would ask sincere friends, family members, his coaches, tutors and mentors, to tell him who he is and what they have seen as his talents and potentials. You may not have discovered the stuff you are made of as a person because you have not taken time to study your life inclinations.

Engaging some people who you trust to tell you the truth about the strengths and talents they see in your life is a great strategy to discover yourself. It is always good to ask for advice from people you have confidence in and people you see as role models. They can even help you achieve your goals. This might be really difficult for some people because it's often hard to see anything good in your own life and you feel like you will be setting yourself up for a load of bad stuff if you ask that sort of question from people.

Take a Vacation to Heaven

This method may sound odd to some people who have been planning their lives without ever consulting God for His perfect Will for them, yet God is the absolute Source to self- discovery and the fulfillment of life purpose.
Everyone likes to achieve success. Often, we are consumed by the thought and passion to be successful that we lose focus on the unlimited Source of success and greatness. People get stuck when you talk about success through God. Sadly, success is not measured by the amount of wealth you accumulate but the degree of balance between your natural and spiritual self respectively.

Man is a spirit being by creation. He must therefore connect to the spiritual in all he does to be fulfilled and satisfied. King David knew and believed this fact when he asked God to show him the path of life and the road to fullness of joy and pleasures evermore.

God responded to his request and told him that He will instruct him and teach him in the way he should go and guide him with His eye. In my book, The Secret to Absolute Power, Deliverance and Prosperity, I described how to get into God’s presence to ascertain what your life purpose is and how to achieve your life goals using supernatural success principles and tools.

God has what I call a script for everyone on this earth. You may call it purpose of creation, life goal, or whatever. The truth is that you have a need to fill in this world before you die. Your purpose of creation is the map or manual of your life. The hard fact is that you cannot get to your God-designed destination without your life map. God is the divine Pivot upon which all about you revolve.
Focusing on your wisdom, strength, and self-knowledge cannot guarantee lasting success and fulfilment.

God told Jeremiah that He knew the thoughts that He has toward him, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give him an expected end. He made him to realize that even before his conception; He has designed his path of life. God revealed to him that He has the key to unlock the door to the reason of his creation.

This divine adventure would reveal to you what and who you really need to be, what to do with your life, what your goals and ambitions should be, and how to achieve them. When you rely on God to discover yourself, He will empower you to accomplish all the things He has drawn in the map of your life. You cannot know and achieve the reason of your existence without reference to God for in Him we live, move and have our being.
See you at the peak of your life project and kindly leave a comment if this article made an impression on you.

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