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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to Achieve Your Life Goals

“You don't get in life what you want, you get what you are.” Les Brown

A lot of people set goals with the drive to achieve them but abandon such great ideas after few months. There are rules that should guide the conception and actualization of your goals.

Here are some nuggets that would direct and spur you towards your purpose of creation and help you keep an eye on your life script.
Describe Your Goals in details. Be as specific as possible.

Ambiguous goals are difficult to achieve if not impossible. They are like ship on the sea with no specified direction. The uncertainty surrendering such goals creates confusion and obstruction to their achievement. This is why you need to state your goals in simple and definite terms you could easily understand.
Now consider this example. “I will go the University” and “I will go to the University of Manchester in UK in 2011 to study Economics at the undergraduate level.”

You would believe with me that there is a wide margin between the descriptions of this goal. The difference between these sentences is that the first is an idea and a wish while the second is a goal. The first states what you want but it is unclear about when and where. Ambiguous goals are difficult to organize and therefore confusing to realize.

You Should Write Down Your Goals

Remember that your goal is your project and needs the best attention, dedication and commitment you could give it to make it a reality. This is a way to subconsciously tell yourself that you are ready and committed to what you have conceived. The project Manager has a well defined plan and stages of actions to actualize the project he is handling. You must treat your goals that same way if they mean anything to you.

Writing down your goals would help you determine why you failed to achieve that task on that day at the set time. It may take you some minutes to write down each day’s progress while revealing to you how daily small steps bring you closer to your target.

Also, it removes the temptation of not doing anything each day since you know you have to put down something at the end of the day. Don’t keep your goals on your head, write them down NOW.

Set a Deadline for Your Goals

Setting a deadline on your goals spurs you to action since you are aware that you don’t have all the time in the world to get down on them. It suffocates the evil of procrastination and paralysis analysis.
Remember we agreed that every life goal is a project. Every type of project has a set time for completion and the project manager applies all strategies, skills and knowledge to ensure that the project is completed at the agreed time and best quality.

Another benefit of setting a deadline on your goals is that it gives room for evaluation and adjustments. Evaluation involves comparison of your performance or achievements within a set time to the overall result. It reveals to you how far you have gone and how you performed and what is remaining to be done. It reveals your mistakes and oversights and the need to correct them. It also reveals your strengths and the need to improve on them.
The top is meant for you. Get there as soon as you find it.

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