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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Bitter Part of Illicit Romance

“Satan does not need to overpower us in order to win the war. He only needs to get us to adopt his way of fighting it.” Terry Warner

Is office romance bitter than sweet? Should Office romance be encouraged? What do you lose if you are in this situation? Sadly, illicit sexual relationship is like, "Excite a schadenfreude and watch it slobber."

Possibility of being fired
When my former M.D discovered that my branch manager has hooked up for marriage with a pregnancy to show, he quickly suspended her, set up a panel to probe her activities and later fired her. He couldn’t share his “beef” with any other man even though he never planned to marry her.
The time was up and he couldn’t continue keeping her.

Illicit Romance might mar your career or its progress

Most bosses are not happy when they see a lady or guy they are dying for in the embrace of another especially a junior officer. Though you may not know or be called to order by them but you may just be up for slaughter in the company. Several guys in the universities and offices have fallen victims of this issue.

Extramarital Relationship erodes your respect and dignity

Most informed junior workers may begin to politely disrespect you in the heart, with the way they respond to your demands or what they say about you.
Most men have been caught pants down with ladies in the office. God save you if you are a junior officer.

It could backfire or break your marriage

Most marriages have fallen victims of this emotional malady. Imagine catching my babe with another guy in the office! There would be the temptation for it but remember your fingers might be on fire.

The truth is that if we invest in our relationships by strengthening communication and spending quality time with our spouse, our relationships grow and expand into meaningful connections that enrich our lives.
Today is the best day to start doing it.

Recommended Book:

The Irony of Love, Premarital and Extramarital Relationships

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Baruch Silas

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